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Mittlerweile hat der Kickstarter für die digitale Version von Boss Monster die 85.000 $ überschritten und ist somit finanziert. Es verbleiben neun Tage und die aktuelle Summe liegt bei 89.024 $.

Brotherwise Games hat nun die sog. Stretch Goals veröffentlicht und gibt damit einen Ausblick auf das was sie noch geplant haben und wie viel Geld sie dafür benötigen. Natürlich profitieren auch die Unterstützer davon. Bei Erreichen von 100.000 $ gibt es die sog. Pre-Order Edition, die ein paar digitale Leckerbissen enthält:

  • Ein 50 seitiges PDF Dokument mit Tipps und geheimen Informationen
  • Hintergrundbilder für Tablets and Desktop Rechner
  • Den Boss Monster Soundtrack
  • Den Print und Play Card Creator, mit dem ihr eure eigenen Karten erstellen könnt

Der Vollständigkeit halber findet ihr anbei das komplett Update im englischen Original:

„Yesterday we hit the goal for this campaign, and today we continued to build momentum with our biggest influx of new backers in two weeks! Clearly you guys have been spreading the word about the success of the campaign, and we’re really excited to see what comes next.

So now the obvious question is: what are the stretch goals? We’ve held off on announcing these until we were closer to our goal so we could focus on what’s achievable in the time we have left. So here’s how high we think we can stretch, and what we have in store…


When you pre-order a video game, you expect some extras. The same should be true when you pledge for a Kickstarter that’s past its goal! So when we hit six figures, you’ll get some very fun digital goodies to round out the experience:

  • The Boss Monster Strategy Guide, an updated and expanded 50-page PDF filled with Pro Tips and Classified Information.
  • Boss Monster Wallpapers sized for desktops and tablets.
  • The Boss Monster Soundtrack by Lars the Laohu, plus bonus music created for the app.
  • The Print-and-Play Card Creator, featuring PDF and Photoshop templates for creating printable custom cards for personal use. This is one of the most asked-for rewards from our original Kickstarter, and has been updated with Item Cards and new art options!

We’ll also add a new digital card for all backers at the Extra Life level and above: The Princess. She’s an Epic Hero who can really shake up the end of the game.

© Brotherwise Games


When we reach $110,000 we’ll unlock two rewards that will give you a taste of Boss Monster 2.

  • Four More Digital Bosses for every backer at the Extra Life level and above! These bosses will appear in Boss Monster 2, but you can play them first in the Boss Monster App. This increases the total number of Bosses in digital Boss Monster to a whopping 21!
  • Print-and-Playtest Copy of Boss Monster 2 for every backer. This will be a bare-bones playtester edition without art, but it’s an entire new set of Boss Monster cards for you to experience. If you provide feedback, you’ll be credited as a Playtester in Boss Monster 2!

For anyone who loves the physical game, this stretch goal is an awesome way to combine more digital playability with a chance to have an impact on the future of the game!


Boss Monster will be an awesome online multiplayer experience, but why place limits on who you can play? At $120,000 we will unlock multiplatform multiplayer. That means that if you have an iPad but your friend has a Samsung, you can still enjoy multiplayer matching. This greatly increases your pool of potential opponents and makes it easier to play with your friends! This will also apply to matches between tablets and our next stretch goal…


This is the big one! If we can break the $130,000 mark, Plain Concepts will bring Boss Monster to Steam! The PC version will have all the single-player and online multiplayer functionality of the tablet version. This is a huge boost to the number of people who can play the game, so we’re really excited to make this one happen.

What About Smartphones?

The most frequent stretch goal request we’ve heard is for a smartphone version of the game, and we haven’t given up on that. But because the game’s interface is designed around a larger playfield, right now we don’t feel like we can promise a version of the game that will look and play perfectly on smaller screens.

Please know that regardless of whatever funding level we reach for this campaign, we’ll keep working with our partners at Plain Concepts to make it clear that this would greatly expand the customer base for digital Boss Monster. In the meantime, we’re hoping between the tablet and PC versions, we’ll reach as many Boss Monster fans as possible.

Thank You!

Thanks again for your phenomenal support up to this point. We believe every one of these stretch goals is within our sights and we’ll be spreading the word like crazy during the last week of this campaign. Thanks in advance for doing the same, and for being the coolest group of backers in all of crowdfunding!“


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